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LIMM Dufay TG Acoustics Capriccio Admonitor+Submonitor REL Stentor III matching set WLM Lyra Reference MKIII WLM Gran Viola + Duo 18
Bowers & Wilkins CDM-1 Boulder 850 Mono's The Alchemist ADP24 - ADP25 KR Enterprise VT8000 MK Dion Audio AA100



Intonation P1 vv cinch Envogue Dacapo McIntosh MC60 KR Enterprise VT6000BM The Fisher SA-100/B
The Fisher SA-300/B VTL DeLuxe 240 Intonation P1 vv bnc Brocksieper Schmendrick Siemel TU10
Wadia 22 DENON TU 501 Audiomat Tempo 2 WLM Multichannel pre Wolf von Langa A1-1200 units
Opa Poembaa TR Fatbob S + Konstant + 5009 Technics SL1200 MK2 ReVox B261 Origin Live Conquerer Sovereign MK3
Souther Linear SLA-3 Granite Loudspeaker stands Callas Recordclamp Sumiko Bluepoint No2 Van den Hul FROG Gold
Transfiguration Spirit MKIII Ortofon Rohmann NOS Tubes4sale Miyayima Premium BE 1.0 Fidelity Research MC201
SME Nottingham armboard Classical 78 records Synergistic Red Moon FRS-3 Stealth Indra V08 xlr 1.5 mtr
JenaLabs Aurora xlr 1.3 mtr JenaLabs Valkyrie xlr 1.4 mtr Siltech SQ88 Gold G3 cinch JenaLabs 916 ac Schuko pwr SilentWire Referenz ls 2.0
Goldmund Lineal digi cinch 1.2 mtr Kimber KS9038 jumpers Horus Audio AC 1.8 mtr pwr Dillenhofer 1.0 - 2.0 mtr pwr Acoustic Revive PS8800 pwr
JenaLabs Aurora xlr 1.0 mtr JenaLabs Aurora xlr 1.3 mtr Eichmann Express Series 2 pwr Eichmann Express 75 ohm digi Fadel Art model 10S ic
Fadel Art The Digiflex